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By Gitzman v1.0 - Updated 8/25/2018 | 0.6 MB .PDF

Fillable two-sided character sheet for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition.

By Gitzman v1.0 - Updated 8/25/2018 | 0.5 MB .PDF

Two-sided character sheet for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4th Edition.

By Gitzman v2.2 - Updated 5/10/2012 | 8.8 MB .PDF

Streamlined character sheet design for new and advanced players alike. This was redesigned with an emphasis on building dice pools quickly and easily, and bringing all the information you need to play up front. It also includes all the basic action cards on the character sheet.

By Iffo | 33.3 MB .PDF

A fantastic 4 page hi-res GM screen with Warhammer-style graphics. A must-have in place of the GM screen, or in addition to it. Sorry for the large file size, but the quality of the image and text is top notch.

By Gitzman v1.0 - Updated 2/13/2011 | 4.07 MB .PDF

Fillable, expanded and savable PDF character sheet with auto-calculations for statistics, weapons, armour and skills. This sheet includes fatigue and stress trackers, encumberance limits, and a wealth of other statistical data which auto-calculates based on the information you provide.

By Court Dimon v6.0 | 5.14 MB .PDF

A wonderfully clean and concise summary of the rules and functions of the game. Layed out in landscape format for maximum space, though this limits your ability to use it as a replacement for the GM screen. Regularly updated by the author.

2.23 MB .JPG

A highly detailed, graphic calendar used by citizens of The Empire.